mom said watch this flower

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Excited to see you all soon!


White Peaches by snorlax’s cafe on Flickr.

Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme (Piano) - Joe Hisaishi

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thesebooksareolderthanyou : on the ending of helmet of horror. yeah, it was confusing. Somewhere at the first appear of Sartiks someone mentions that Sartiks writes according to Albanian customs (never write the same word the same way) and at the end of the story Theseus once written TheSeus... so maybe this proves that Sartiks=Theseus. In my view the whole story is a drunken dream of Sartiks. It is a weak explanation but I have no better :)

Oh, wow, thanks for your explanation. I was actually so surprised when I saw this because it’s been almost a year since I’ve read the book, but thank you. It was a pleasant surprise. (:

Craving some bubble tea right now.


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Would you kill him in his bed?
Thrust a dagger through his head?
I would not, could not, kill the King.
I could not do that evil thing. 
I would not wed this girl, you see.
Now get her to a nunnery.

~ Green Eggs and Hamlet 


(by  Lukasz Wierzbowski)

I enjoy petting cacti.